Iron man MK5 Wearable helmet

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Ironman helmet


Introduction Of Helmet Functions

1.Install 4 x AA Battery And Turn On The Helmet Chin Power Switch

2. Three Control Models:

*Touch Control:

Touch The Sensing Area Of The Right Ear: Control The Mask Multi-chip Open/close
Touch The Left Ear Sensing Area: Control The Mask To Open/close

* The Operation Function Of Remote Control:

A Control Mask Integral Open/close
B Control Mask Multi-chip Open/close
C Limit Switch Color.
D Eye Light On/off
E Helmet Sound On/off

* Voice Control: English Voice Commands

Before Operating The Command, You Need To Execute The Jarvis/jarvis" Wake Up System.
To Proceed With The Subsequent Command Operation. Within 5 Seconds Of Waking Up The System.
Can Continuously Input Voice Operation Commands.

* Failure Analysis

- If The Matching Password Fails, Try To Match The Password Again After Charging The Force Control.
- The Eye Lights Flickered Slowly, The Motion Was Slow, The Sound Was Blurry, And The Battery Was Low, A New Battery Should Be Replaced
- Operation Failure, Abnormal Situation, Restart The System.
- Wear Helmet, Automatically Detect Failure And Restart The System.

Safety Operation Warning

- Notes For Starting: Before Starting The Helmet (or When Restarting The System Power)
- It Is Necessary To Ensure That The Mask Is Closed Smoothly Before Starting Up, Such As The Existing Part Of The Mask
- When All Parts Are Open, All Parts Need To Be Closed Manually Gently To Ensure That The Surface Is Not Stable
- Turn Off And On Again. When The Product Is Not In Use For A Long Time, Please Remove The Dry Battery.
- It Is Strictly Forbidden To Play With The Mask Opened By Manual External Force Flap. Corpse Is Forbidden When The Helmet Is Opened And Closed.
- An External Force Impedes Movement, Causing Different Damage To The Opponent.
- Non-professionals, Do Not Disassemble The Product By Yourself.

Battery Case And Wearing Instructions

- The Battery Case Is Hidden On The Back Of The Black Pad On The Back Cover
- Please Take Off The Back Cover Before Wearing
- Wear A Head Circumference Of 60cm And Bring Your Own Helmet Battery
- Remove The Back Cover Before Wearing The Helmet
-install The Back Cover After Wearing It
- Remote Control Battery: AAA x 2 Battery